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    With Radio Taxi Ikaros, the luxury transfer is no longer a myth…

    is a reality!

    Quality services

    All of our services are distinguished by their quality! We always help the customer in every desire and we can customize any of their requirements.

    36 Years of Consistency

    With a long experience in the taxi sector we are the safest option for your transfers. We’re not randomly the stable and the permanent partner of large companies.

    Contemporary Means

    In our society echnological developments are running with breakneck speed. Radio Taxi Ikaros provide modern means of services.

    24hours Service

    We are here for you 24 hours a day. In every transportation need with flawless phone correspondence in all telephone providers from land-line phone to mobile phone.


    When transportation meets luxury…


    One of the most important differentiating elements of Radio Taxi Ikaros company from other companies is the excursion service

    Being over 36 years pioneering the benefits we offer to our clients we introduced for the first time the personalized service of the trip.

    The passenger can use our taxi to visit unique places with a worldwide scientific interest (Delphi) or visit points with a purely recreational interest of a full of life city! (Night Athens).


    Get a move all the contact details of our company to your mobile.

    We are near to you by simply touching the screen of your mobile!

    Download our mobile application and call us through a simple environment. With Ikaros Radio Taxi mobile application you can find your location on the map, select the taxi vehicle type, the desired address and your destination.

    All this quickly, easily and without cost! The Ikaros Radio Taxi app gives you a fresh air on your transports!

    Quality, Safety, Luxury, Comfort …

    Download Now the app! It’s free!


    Your first choice for 36 consecutive years
    24hours a day!

    • Α. Πετράκης

      The only solution for those who move into the city and want to reach quickly to their destination.

      Α. Πετράκης

    • G. Rois

      Excellent staff and call center. So friendly. Definitely recommend it.

      G. Rois

    • Μ. Αθανασίου

      Excellent! When quality of a transfer meets the low prices, the result is: RADIO TAXI IKAROS.

      Μ. Αθανασίου

    • Γ. Κυριάκου

      The best taxi in Athens. Safety, speed, confidence.

      Γ. Κυριάκου