The Myth of Icarus

According to Greek Mythology, Ikaros was the son of Daidalus and Naukratis who,as tradition goes, was a slave of Minoa.

When Daidalus was condemned by the High Court for the murder of the craftsman Talos, he left for Crete. There he constructed Labyrinth for Minotaurus, son of the wife of Minoa, Pasifai, to live in.

Daidalus was imprisoned into the labythinth together with his son Icarus,because Daidalus had helped Pasifai make love with the bull of Poseidon and thus Minotaurus was born. Daidalus and Ikaros escaped from the labyrinth with the help of the wings that Daidalus had made for both of them, using wax and feathers. They tied these wings on their shoulders and flew away.

Ikaros, who was charmed by the flight, disobeyed his father’s order, not to fly too high because the sun’s heat would melt the wax of the wings, and not to fly too low because the straps of the wings would get loose due to the moisture of the sea. He flew too high, the wax melt, and without wings now, he fell into the sea and drowned.

The sea where Ikaros fell, was named Ikarian Pelagus or Ikarian Sea. The island close to the area was given his name too, and it is called Ikaria.

That is the story of Ikaros according to Appolodorus.
Other sources say that Ikaros ,trying to find his father Daidalus who was exciled to Crete, embarked a ship, but the ship sank close to Samos and his dead body was found on the island, which ,due to this fact, was called Ikaria.

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